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Beach painting Exterior Painting and Staining
Painting Your Home Is The Most Cost Effective Enhancement You Can Make.

After two decades of steady growth on the Outer Banks, the family at Beach Painting and Construction Group understands the importance of relationships. Our promise is simple: build trust in our relationships through prompt, professional service, accountability and competitive pricing.

The construction industry offers consumers a wide variety of choices in quality and value. The true test of a quality is not the appearance at completion, but its appearance years later. This does not always mean the lowest price, but rather a combination of the highest quality at the right price.

We want our customers to fully understand the work process as well as the options available to them. Often, there is often more to painting and construction than meets the eye.

Why To Choose Beach Painting & Construction Group

  • Expertise: with over 20 years of steady growth we have the experience & versatility for the most demanding painting and residential construction projects.
  • Integrity: We only use the highest grade materials and take the time to do the job correctly.
  • Professionalism: Our employees are directly employed (not subcontractors) and covered under our liability and workers’ compensation policies.
Beach painting take the time to protect your furnishings
Beach Painting Takes Meticulous Care While On The Job!

Interior & Exterior Painting

Painting is the most cost effective way to refresh on your home and make it more appealing. A good paint job will enhance the positive aspects of your home, whereas a bad paint job will cause renters and potential buyers to scrutinize other areas of your property.

Success is in the details. Inside your home, Beach Painting takes the time to protect your home. We’ll remove switch plates and window treatments, move furniture and pictures and cover your flooring & finishes to protect everything throughout the job. Our crews are experienced with all types of drywall & texture repair as well as wallpaper and popcorn removal. We can even refinish your walls and ceilings with a smooth or knockdown finish.

Outside, the painting process begins with a power washing to clean and prepare the surfaces for strong paint adhesion. We continue with scraping and/or sanding to remove any remaining paint. We prime bare spots, treat rusty fasteners and caulk with the best materials. Finally, our finish coats are professionally applied by our skilled tradesmen. We cover your decks, roof, windows, and doors to protect them from paint spatter and we take special care of your landscaping as well.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction throughout the job.

Deck Sealing

Beach painting takes the time to clean surfaces before painting or staining
Beach Painting Cleans Your Surfaces Before Application to Ensure A Good Bond.

We can protect your deck for a longer lifespan and increased curb appeal. There are a wide variety of products available from clear sealants, stains and even elastomeric paints. Some products offer anti-skid additives for enhanced safety. We can match an existing finish or present you with completely new options to consider.

Call Beach Painting & Construction Group today for a free consultation and let us show you the possibilities for your home. Learn more about our Remodeling & Construction Services

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