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Eastern Tree Service
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About Us:

Eastern Tree Service on the Outer BanksWelcome To Eastern Tree Service

Eastern Tree Service is a full service tree management company based on knowledge and understanding of our fragile ecosystem on the Outer Banks. They have a lifetime of experience and come from generations of “tree men”. The owner, Ryan Dodson, traces his “roots” in the Tree and Landscaping industry back to his father and grandfather.

Eastern Tree Service provides the best residential and commercial tree and landscaping services in Eastern North Carolina. Offering free estimates on tree removal, pruning, visual enhancements, lot clearing, ground cover management, stump grinding and removal, and any of chipping services you may need.

Tree Services:


Improve the health and aesthetics of your trees through proper pruning. Deadwood is unhealthy for a tree as it can attract pests, fungus and other unwanted visitors. Deadwood can also add weight which increases the chance of breakage even in healthy tree tissue. We would prefer to help you maintain your trees, but sometimes removal is the only option.

Tree Removal

Eastern Tree service is able to tackle the biggest tree removals safely and efficiently. By employing modern rigging techniques and equipment we will remove your tree without damage to your property.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Once a tree is removed, a short stump is left. While some smaller stumps can be removed manually or with a winch, larger stumps need to be ground with a machine specially designed for the task.

Landscape Services

Lot Clearing & Management

Eastern Tree service is fully equipped with all the machines and clearing tools necessary to leave a lot looking clean & ready to build on or enjoy again. They can also mulch and clear unwanted underbrush for a better view of the entire plot, if you want to facilitate the sale of a piece of undeveloped lot.

Chipping & Cleanup

Eastern Tree Service has a wood chipper ready for any job, if you have unwanted logs or limbs on your property give us a call for a free estimate.

Ground Cover

Eastern Tree Service has custom ground covering options based on your location and needs. Contact us today to for a consultation.

Visual Enhancements

Does your landscape need a little shaping? Eastern Tree Service excels in visual enhancements from plant selection to shrub shaping and installation. Let us know what you’re looking for!

Landscape Management

Many of our customers call us to routinely maintain their landscape. Contact us to see how we can improve your home or business.


Eastern Tree Service has plows and salt for any size snow removal job. Don’t hesitate to call us when winter threatens to freeze your plans.

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