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The Outer Banks Hardwood Floor Co.

The Outer Banks Hardwood Floor Co. is a professional hardwood flooring company. We specialize in installation, finishing and refinishing of all types of hardwoods. We are family owned and operated and value the client relationship. Home owner, contractor or business owner, The Outer Banks Hardwood Floor Co. is dedicated to providing our clients with quality craftsmanship and professional service. Wood flooring is an investment and we treat every job as if it were our own home. The professional attitude of our staff ensures satisfaction from start to finish.

Quality products are a major factor in how well your hardwood floor appear and perform. The products we use are proven to make your floor even and extremely durable every time from sanding discs we use, to the urethane finishes we apply. We use a two part waterborne finish which is UV resistant and offers low emissions. The yellowing of the finish is minimal and preserves the natural colors of the hardwoods. These products have fast dry times and are more scratch resistant than traditional oil based finishes.

Our dust management systems ensure a clean and healthy environment for everyone involved. Powerful vacuums are engineered to attach to our equipment which extracts dust right from the source and contained outside the home. No more worrying about dust getting everywhere in your home.

Dustless Hardwood Refinishing

The Outer Banks Hardwood Floor Co. now offers deep cleaning and recoating systems, that are applied without sanding to put life back into your hardwoods. First we prep your floors with a buffer. We then apply an alcohol based solution and clean with penetrating bristles; this extracts the remaining dirt and solution at once. Then a new finish coat is applied to eliminate many scratches and imperfections. Most jobs can be re-coated in a day and furniture can be replaced the following day. A great way to keep all types of hardwood flooring performing and looking their best.

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