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Reliable Services
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Reliable Services Outer Banks

Started in the late 80’s, Reliable Services Outer Banks has been helping Outer Banks homeowners ever since. They perform general handyman and maintenance services and specialize in carpentry work. George Tsonev can repair, replace or build just about anything you need. Honest to a fault, George will tell you what needs to be done and give you a fair honest quote right up front. Then he will get the job done, and done right and in a reasonable time frame. He returns calls promptly and most of his client base has been working with him for decades.

Outer Banks Sand Removal

Reliable Services Outer Banks
Our New Bobcat is Ready To Help You With Outer Banks Sand Removal!

Recently, George bought a bobcat to help owners with Outer Banks Sand Removal. The wind blows constantly on the Outer Banks, and easily can move surprisingly large quantities of sand around. This is where that bobcat comes in handy, as sand is a lot heavier than snow.  Sand doesn’t melt either, not even in the hot summer sun.

Outer Banks Lawn Services

Reliable Services Outer Banks will keep your lawn looking respectable as well with Outer Banks lawn services. Coming regularly on a pre-determined schedule, they will keep your grass looking neat and tidy.

Reliable Services are people you want to have a relationship with, they will check your property when a storm is coming. They can quickly return you home to service afterwards should you sustain damage. They will keep your home in business. Reliable Services are just that, reliable!

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