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OBX Advisor Home Service Directory

Home Service Directory for the Fall 2018!

OBXadvisor Home Service Directory You should be receiving our first print publication the OBX Advisor Home Service Directory in your mailbox shortly. We are excited to announce the OBX Advisor Home Service Directory for 2018. Its chock full of 24 pages of great businesses… Continue Reading “OBX Advisor Home Service Directory”

Welcome to OBX Advisor

Welcome to OBX Advisor Your one-stop site for everything Outer Banks. OBX Advisor currently provides helpful information on almost 1,800 locations and area businesses. Everything from Outer Banks attractions, activities, beaches, dining and more. We offer information on area regulations and services, from leash… Continue Reading “Welcome to OBX Advisor”

What’s On Tap?

Coming Outer Banks information for lodging, outer banks real estate there is more coming

Coming Soon To Outer Banks Advisor is a new website, in fact the site was launched in March of 2018. But, we live on the Outer Banks, and have for over twenty-five years, so we have a wealth of knowledge to pass along.… Continue Reading “What’s On Tap?”

What Does Being A Local Mean?

Outer Banks Local means different things to different people

She Thinks She’s An Outer Banks Local… We recently read a post on Facebook from someone who stated that “she had been visiting the Outer Banks 2-3 times a year for almost 20 years”. This made her an Outer Banks local and thereby entitled… Continue Reading “What Does Being A Local Mean?”

Living On The Outer Banks

Living on the Outer Banks includes work, school and more.

Living On The Outer Banks Is Not All Surfing & Bonfires Frequently when I tell someone that I live on the Outer Banks, the comment I hear is “Wow, you sure are lucky!” The truth about living on the Outer Banks is that it’s… Continue Reading “Living On The Outer Banks”