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Coming Outer Banks information for lodging, outer banks real estate there is more coming

Coming Soon To Outer Banks Advisor

OBXadvisor.com is a new website, in fact the site was launched in March of 2018. But, we live on the Outer Banks, and have for over twenty-five years, so we have a wealth of knowledge to pass along. We are gathering new Outer Banks info daily to add to the site and encourage you to check back frequently for updates.

Our initial focus has been on Outer Banks info that everyone can use; restaurants, shopping, activities, conveniences, beach accesses, sound accesses, boat ramps and general good-to-know information. We have just added information on almost 150 vendors in the Home Service industries for your Outer Banks home. Who builds homes, repairs roofs, electricians, painters, landscapers and the like? Things break, you need to know who can fix your issue. Additionally we added information for acquiring a building permit, getting your property or improvements inspected, CAMA permitting and septic & drain fields.

It’s a good start, but with any great website, you have to have a plan… and we do.  Our next update will be for our visitors to the Outer Banks. A section for lodging, all the property management companies, hotels, motels & campgrounds, after all if you’re planning a vacation on the Outer Banks, you have to have a place to stay.

New Outer Banks Info On Tap For You!

Afterwards, our plans include information about owning & buying real estate on the Outer Banks. We will add various services such as Real Estate appraisers, inspectors, mortgage lenders and Real Estate attorneys. We will provide information for various town and county government services. Information on our local utilities such as water, power, cable & phone as well as curbside trash removal and recycling. All the Outer Banks info you need to set up house and get settled.

Finally, we will add select Outer Banks Realtors that can assist you to buy property here on the Outer Banks. Eventually we will include the same information we’ve listed above for Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands.

Our goal is to be your go-to website for Everything Outer Banks!

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    • Ms. Whitehurst,
      I will make that adjustment in our mailing list! Thanks for letting us know.
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