Outer Banks Fishing

The Outer Banks fishing is world renowned. Close to the Gulf Stream, charter boats leave every day to take people thirty miles off shore to enjoy the best sportfishing on the East Coast. Blue marlin, white marlin, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, dolphin, the array of species is almost mind boggling. Of course, these are the species that get all the headlines. In addition to the offshore fishing, you can fish right from the shoreline, visit a pier, go crabbing, dig clams, go shrimping.  Again, there is a multitude of fishing options to enjoy. OBX Advisor has assembled almost 120 businesses that provide you with the opportunity to “drown some bait”. Take a peek at the options below to peruse your options. Yelp & TripAdvisor links provided when available as well as Google map links to help you find where you want to go.

Outer Banks fishing liscense
If you intend to surf fish or go fishing in the Sound you will need a Saltwater Fishing License

General Outer Banks Fishing Information

The waters around the Outer Banks are managed by both the State of North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries and the US Coast Guard. Know what you need before you get your lines wet.

The Best Outer Banks Fishing Resources

Bait & Tackle shops are fantastic resources for Outer Banks Fishing. Many sell saltwater fishing licenses, are official weigh stations and of course supply, bait and tackle. The folks that work there love to fish and love to pass along helpful advice. Additionally, they keep their ears to the ground and know what’s being caught and where, on any given day.

Our fishing piers have developed into entertainment attractions. Many have full service restaurants and recently have added bars and entertainment. One pier even has an arcade and another features aquatic displays.

Our Marinas are the best source to arrange a charter. Particularly if you don’t have 6 people that want to go and you need to “make-up” a full charter to split the costs. If you want to “wow” your small kids, take them down to one of the Marina’s around 4 pm when the fleet generally gets in and watch them unload their catch. Most kids are blown away when they see fish as big as they are… and it’s free entertainment!

Outer Banks fishing for shrimp and crab
The Shrimp & Crabbing Charters are a great learning experience

Outer Banks Fishing – Specialty Charters

Typical charter boats carry 6 passengers, a mate to help you bait your lines and get your fish in the boat, as well as a captain. These charters offer a variety of different types of charter fishing for different sized groups and experience levels. Generally speaking novice fishermen (male or female) are welcome!

Outer Banks Fishing – Charter Boats

Outer Banks fishing for families
Outer Banks fishing is a great way to spend time with your family.

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat”… is the famous quote. Our Directory to Outer Banks Fishing Charters has over 85 charters, and allows you to contact the boat directly. Some charters are not associated directly with a Marina or a booking service. Outer Banks fishing charters are typically designed for 6 passengers. There are one or two boats in the fleet that can carry a few more, but if you have more than this, consider a headboat fishing experience. So if you don’t have 6 passengers and want to get put with a few more people to defray expenses, call one of the Marina’s to assist you in what is called a “make-up” charter. As in, we want to make up a full charter party. Generally speaking all equipment, bait, and licenses are provided. Bring your own food and drink.

Outer Banks Fishing Reports

Surf Fishing Reports:

Pier Fishing Reports:

Offshore Fishing Reports:

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