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Outer Banks Flying

Birthplace of Flight, Outer Banks Flying
The Outer Banks is the Birthplace of Flight.

The Outer Banks is known as the birthplace of flight. In 1903 two brothers from Ohio chose to visit the Outer Banks in order to test their heavier-than-air machine to see if it would fly. Fifty seven seconds later, they had accomplished what man had dreamed of for millennia. Today, you too can do a little Outer Banks flying; it’s all here to experience. TripAdvisor and Yelp review links provided, and Google map links to help guide you on your way to adventure!

Outer Banks Flying over the Wright Memorial
Take a flightseeing Tour over the Outer Banks!

Outer Banks Air Tour

What better place to take to the air to see the sights than the birthplace of flight? There are a number of air tour companies to experience a little Outer Banks flying. Your decision is how do you want to go? There are more traditional “Cessna” type air tours or try a helicopter. Maybe you want to fly in an open cockpit biplane, maybe even try a loop or an inversion. When you want to go Outer Banks flying you have several options to choose from.

Thrills in the Air

Many people have a fear of heights. Get them a few feet off of the ground and their heart starts to race, and their brow to sweat. Some people like to face their fears and challenge themselves. There are two activities listed here that will enable you to do just that. Picture yourself going on an Outer Banks flying adventure when you decide to leap from the plane, in mid-air. Yes, there is a skydiving business here on the Outer Banks. Another for the brave is taking a hang gliding lesson or tandem hang gliding with an experienced pilot. They will tow you into the air, then release you to glide back to earth. Be brave; face your fears and good luck!

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