Outer Banks Golf

There are eight Outer Banks golf courses. Four courses are located on the beach, with three public and one semi-private. The other four courses are located just across the bridge in Currituck County. One of these is very inexpensive and is great for the beginner or cost conscious. Amenities vary by course but generally speaking they are all nice and occupy their own niche. Most offer club rental and require the use of a cart in season.

Yelp & TripAdvisor links provided as well as Google map links to assist locating each course.

Beach Golf Courses

Outer Banks Golf on the Beach
The Beach Courses offer Ocean and Sound Views and Two offer both.

The advantages to golfing on the beach are the views and the breezes in the summer. Many golfers will tell you that the wind is a curse, but when it’s July, that breeze sure comes in handy. The Outer Banks golf courses in Corolla and Nags Head are the more challenging courses, with the Nags Head course rumored to be quite challenging. It’s on a narrow section of the island so it’s affected by breezes from both directions. The course in Kitty Hawk is the most reasonably priced. The semi-private course in Southern Shores offers tee times to the public from time to time on a limited basis and is very well maintained. All offer club rental and require the use of a cart in season.

Outer Banks Golf Mainland Courses
The Mainland Golf Courses have wider and longer fairways in general.

Mainland Courses

Generally speaking, the advantage to golfing across the bridge is price. Additionally, the mainland courses offer wider fairways and longer holes. The course closest to the Bridge is comparable to a city or college course and is quite reasonable and does not require cart rental. The other three mainland courses are all very nice and offer wide and long fairways with nice water features scattered throughout. Also the mainland courses typically offer more extensive practice facilities.

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