Activities In The Water

Outer Banks Water Activities

You’re at the beach, it’s time to get wet and have some fun on the water. We provide information for over 30 businesses that offer a wide variety of Outer Banks water activities to get you wet and cool you off. Waverunners, parasailing, paddleboarding, surf lessons, banana boat rides, and even a new waterpark are a few ways to experience the Outer Banks. Enjoy a sunset under sail or go see the wild dolphin from a number of tour operators. Arrange a dive charter to view the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Come on… get wet, have fun. TripAdvisor & Yelp reviews provided where available as well as Google Map links.

Outer Banks water activites like surf lessons
Maybe a little young for a surf lesson, but you never know!

Take A Lesson

Learn to surf out in the ocean with qualified instructors to keep you safe and help you learn. Standup paddle is one of the newest crazes and you can learn how in the shallow sound waters. There are sailing and kite surfing lessons (see watersports listings), kayak lessons and more available.

Outer Banks water activities Dolphin Tours
You can get really close to the wild dolphin, but no touching.

Take A Tour

There is a lot to learn and enjoy on the waters of the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks maritime environment is pretty unique and the bird watching is world renowned. Take a guided kayak tour, or paddleboard tour the back canals of Kitty Hawk. You can even take a tour by water to see the wild horses in Corolla (Carova actually). Catch your dinner with a shrimp and crabbing charter. Enjoy a sunset sailing cruise or go see wild dolphin. There is a lot to see and learn from these Outer Banks water activities.

Have Fun In The Water

Outer Banks wildlife
Pelican Island is only accessible from a boat. A nesting ground for the brown pelican.

Summer in North Carolina gets hot. Get wet and cool off with one of the many options below! Rent a waverunner and speed along the water. Go sailing. Ride a banana boat or Parasail over the sound. Learn to kitesurf or try windsurfing. Explore the many options below.


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