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Outer Banks Closing Services

Outer Banks closing services
A good Real Estate Attorney can save you a lot of headaches later.

A lot goes into closing a Real Estate transaction. For most people its one of the largest transactions in their life, or at least one of the most important. There are many steps to go through to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. These Outer Banks closing services are companies that are there to help you. We recommend you rely on your Real Estate Agent to guide you, however it never hurts to have options and knowledge. Again, we would like to remind you that we are not licensed Real Estate agents so we are simply providing general information to assist you with your Outer Banks closing services.

Outer Banks Mortgage Companies

It is frequently a good idea to secure a mortgage locally. While you may be familiar with many of the available lenders, originating your loan here can make the process easier. There are a number of factors on the Outer Banks that make mortgage lending a bit different than in a traditional market. For instance, frequently the property or lot, is worth far more than the home that sits on that lot. This is different than a traditional market. If you plan on renting your home you will want to submit rental projections for your home and similar homes in the market. A local mortgage lender is familiar with these issues and can guide you to securing the right mortgage package. A local mortgage company may be one of the best Outer Banks closing services you select.

Outer Banks Closing Service Appraisers
Real Estate Appraisers tell you the value of your home, not the price.

Outer Banks Real Estate Appraisers

Real estate appraisers will perform a valuation of your property. They compare your property to similar properties in the area and determine if you have fair market value for your property. Mortgage lenders want to make sure the money they are lending you can be recovered if you cannot continue to make payments.

Outer Banks Home Inspection

These professionals inspect your property to give you information about the various systems within your house. Will the roof leak? How old is the HVAC system? Are there termites? These types of questions are critical to know when you are buying a home. Generally, speaking you should look for experience and proper certifications to make sure the house you’re buying isn’t a money pit.

Outer Banks Surveyors

Outer Banks Closing Services Surveyors
Surveyors determine your property lines and eliminate ownership issues.

These vendors make sure you know where your property lines are and what is on your property and what is not. Sometimes you can use an existing survey, but frequently it’s a good idea to get your own for peace of mind.

Outer Banks Insurance Agencies

If you are buying your Outer Banks property and live out of town, you may already have an insurance company that you work with on a regular basis. However, you may wish to speak with a local agent that knows the area, and has an existing relationship with an insurance company. Owning property on the Coast presents a unique set of liabilities, if you are going to rent to weekly or year long tenants, there are different liabilities. The local agents are more familiar with these issues than an insurance agent that lives inland.

Outer Banks Legal Services

You are going to need an attorney to close your property. Again, you may find it beneficial to engage a local attorney that is familiar with all of the factors that are unique to the Outer Banks. Not only will it save you travel time with an out of town attorney, but in general should make the closing process much simpler.

Outer Banks Title Companies

Your attorney will research the Title or Deed to your new property, however there is such a thing as title insurance which protects you in case there is a hidden lien or title holder on your property. No matter how exhaustive the title search your attorney provides, there may be hidden issues that get missed. Title Insurance protects you in this instance. Typically your attorney will recommend one of these vendors, but it never hurts to have options.


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