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Outer Banks Construction & Remodeling

Outer Banks Construction
Choosing the right contractor can take the headache out of new or remodeling construction.

Building a home or remodeling an existing one can simultaneously be the most rewarding and demanding experience one can go through. Use our guide to find the right Outer Banks construction team for you. In this section we cover many of the major categories of Outer Banks construction: flooring, insulation, elevators and well drilling as well as contractors. Browse our repair sections to find additional sub-contractors you feel would best suit your project, and just about all of them work new construction as well. A note: Our contractors section includes both remodeling contractors as well as general contractors. There are a few differences in licensing based on the estimated cost of your job. The bigger the job, the bigger the license your contractor needs. Be sure to ask and verify.

Outer Banks Contractors

Don’t be afraid to speak to any of these vendors regarding new construction or remodeling. While there are different types of Contractor Licensing in North Carolina, depending on the scale of the job, many of these businesses qualify for both remodeling as well as new Outer Banks Construction. If you are looking to build on the Outer Banks, we certainly want to stress the use of a local contractor. We live near the ocean and building codes are significantly different from the ones you may have at home as we face different weather patterns. You want to have a contractor that’s familiar with the differences.

Outer Banks Lifts & Elevators

The familiar reverse floor plan frequently used in Outer Banks construction makes lifts and elevators a high demand amenity. Taking groceries up to the third floor of a home can be a lot of work, but the amazing vistas from the elevated floors make this type of floor plan very popular. These contractors specialize in the installation of lifts and elevators in new and existing structures. There is a wide range of lifts available to choose from, cargo lifts, dumbwaiters and wheelchair/handicap accessibility lifts etc. Of course there are all types of elevators as well. Further, having a lift or elevator system makes your home more available to all rental populations and can increase your rental calendar.

Outer Banks construction and flooring
There are many flooring options to consider, carpet, vinyl, tile and hardwoods.

Outer Banks Flooring

There are many flooring options to consider when you are building or remodeling a home. Carpets are warm and comfortable, but stain and hold sand. Tile is great, especially some of the remarkable new styles, and are durable and easy to clean, but make your home loud. Hardwoods have similar acoustic drawbacks. Talk with our Outer Banks flooring experts to hear the advantages and drawbacks to the available flooring options. Note: We have a section for Tile in our Kitchen & Bath section.

Outer Banks Insulation

While the familiar pink insulation is widely available, consider speaking with an insulation expert about all the new insulation that are available. Each type of insulation offers different advantages from ease of installation, to soundproofing as well as the energy saving benefits. Further, you might consider the benefits for your existing home. Not all upgrades require demolition you might believe. There is more to insulation than you might think.

Water Treatment & Well Drilling

Outer Banks water treatment systems
Bad tasting water can cost you rental weeks and more.

The ground water on the Outer Banks is frankly not very good to drink. Naturally high levels of iron tend to give the water a distinct taste, which most do not like. While many areas of the Outer Banks have water service available through Dare County, many of the unincorporated areas as well as most of Corolla do not have public water available to them. Installing a water treatment system to improve your water quality is considered by many to be money well spent.


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