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You will notice that this section on OBX Advisor is called food, and that’s because there is more to Outer Banks dining than going out to a restaurant. OBX Advisor provides information on nearly 400 listings for every Outer Banks restaurant, grocery store, produce stand and seafood market from Corolla to Nags Head on the Outer Banks. Additionally, we have researched personal chefs and a variety of catering options that you may wish to consider for your group. Have fun browsing and try not to get too hungry as your search for your personal dining experience. Mealtimes are frequently where memories are made on the Outer Banks, and those meals we eat are often the centerpiece of our memories.

Make your Outer Banks dining experience include fresh local produce and Outer Banks seafood
Get local produce and fresh Outer Banks seafood from local vendors!

Outer Banks Grocery Stores, Seafood Markets & Produce

Sometimes, you just don’t want to cook, but you really don’t want to make the effort to go to a restaurant. Perhaps you have a celebration and want someone else to cook, so that you can enjoy your event. Below are a variety of Outer Banks catering options available for you to consider.

Outer Banks Catering

Outer Banks catering, personal chefs and meals to go
Outer Banks catering options abound from personal chefs, prepared meals to go to full service catering.
  • Personal Chef ~ Engage a private chef to come to your home, prepare, cook and cleanup, while you engage in conversation.
  • Prepared Meals To Go ~This recent trend allows you to have a dinner prepared for you that you can “heat & eat”. There is a wide variety of options here, from “steamer seafood pots” to trays of lasagna and more.
  • Off-Site Catering ~ Think a wedding banquet or other celebration…there are lots of options here, but this is for the caterer coming to the location of your choice.
  • On-Site Catering ~ Same as above, but you are going to the caterers preferred location.
  • Pig Picking ~ A barbecue, usually with all the fixings. Sometimes they even cook on site; other times the food is prepared and brought to you.
  • Desserts & Cakes ~ Special occasion deserts, decorated just the way you want!

OBX Advisor makes it easy to find the right Outer Banks restaurant. We separate the Outer Banks restaurants into upscale, casual and delivery. Further, there are many options under each of the three primary divisions to make your browsing more effective. Peruse the various categories to find the right Outer Banks dining experience for you. Each of our listings provide Yelp and TripAdvisor links when available to help you determine what suits you best. There are links to each restaurant’s web site, as well as their location on Google Maps to help you find it.

Outer Banks Restaurants

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