Roanoke Island Restaurants

More Than Just Manteo Restaurants

OBX Advisor provides 26 dining options on Roanoke Island which includes Wanchese and Manteo restaurants and food options. Everything from coffee shops, ice cream & smoothie shops to traditional sit-down dining. We even note the Manteo restaurants that will deliver to your door. Every listing provides Yelp and TripAdvisor links when available so that you can see what other people thinks about their dining experience as well as a Google map link to assist you in getting to the restaurant you select.

For information on Grocery Stores, Produce Stands & Catering Options Click Here.

Retail Food in Manteo & Wanchese

Below you’ll find great places to grab foods to go, not that you can’t eat here, we just consider these places more retail, that restaurant. Just so you know, we don’t necessarily include the coffee shops or doughnut shops under “Breakfast” below.

Delivery from a Manteo restaurant
Delivery options are limited to Pizza and Sandwiches, fortunately, they’re good.

Delivery from Wanchese & Manteo Restaurants

Be aware that each restaurant sets their own delivery area and they don’t all deliver to all areas. When you call, you need to know your physical address, not the Rental Company property #. When all else fails use your Google Map or Apple Map App to find your address.

Manteo restaurants fry seafood really well.
The traditional fried shrimp, done just right, is a thing of beauty.

Casual Wanchese & Manteo Restaurants

What is casual dining? Roanoke Island is not big on formality, so defining the difference between “casual” and “upscale” can be subtle. Likewise, the difference between “family” and “casual dining” can be subjective. Take a peek at both sections when determining what’s best for you and your family.

Upscale Wanchese & Manteo Restaurants

Upscale Manteo Restaurants
Presentation is everything in Upscale Dining.

Few restaurants on Roanoke Island have a dress code, so differentiating “Upscale” dining can be a bit subjective, we hope our directory helps you make the selection that’s right for you.

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