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Outer Banks Home Exterior Repair

Outer Banks home exterior repair and services
We’re not sure a catchy name improves rentals, but they make us smile!

The roof, the roof, the roof is on… no, not that, but if you need some new shingles for your roof, you’re in the right place. Our Guide to Outer Banks Home Exterior Repair covers repairs to the structure of your house. Gutters, Storm Shutters, Painting, Siding and even Cottage Signs, so you can come up with that clever name to increase your rentals. Are you “Feeling Ducky”? Just so you know, we have a different section for yard and property.

Outer Banks Cottage Signs

If you own a rental home on the Outer Banks, its required that you come up with a clever name for it. Renters demand it and there may even be a town ordinance too. (Just kidding.) But seriously, there are some quite clever cottage names out there, and many feel that a funny house name does make a rental cottage stand out from the crowd. Once you have decided on a name, these are the folks that can execute your design and attach it to your home.

Outer Banks exterior home repair and gutters
Innovations in gutters, keeps you from frequent cleanings

Outer Banks Gutters

Getting dripped on as you enter your home can be fairly annoying. These companies can ensure that your gutters will help keep you and your guests dry on a rainy day. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows here on the beach, at least not all the time. Many vendors offer seamless gutters, leaf guards, and color options that will match your gutters to the architecture and color of your home.

Outer Banks Hurricane & Storm Shutters

Most homes have decorative shutters, which frame the windows to increase the curb appeal of the house. On the Outer Banks, shutters often serve the purpose of protecting your windows and home in the event of a storm. The Wright Brothers loved the winds of the Outer Banks, but in a storm the winds can be very fierce. Shutters can protect your home from the things that get blown in the wind… sand, water, two by fours, etc. These companies offer a wide variety of protections, from storm shutters with electric motors, to panels, to Bahamas. The list is fairly extensive. Most install as well.

Outer Banks home exterior repairs and storm shutters
Some shutters offer protection from storms and serve a decorative purpose too.

Outer Banks Painting & Powerwashing

We included this section in the exterior repair section due to the power washing part. Yes, most of these vendors do interior painting as well as exterior painting. Power washing can make your home look freshly painted, and the experts can do it without peeling your existing paint off. Powerwashing also brings decks and sidewalks back to life.

Outer Banks Roofing

Everyone likes a roof over their head, but on the Outer Banks, a quality roof is important. Our fierce winds and frequent storms require a roof that is put together correctly, with the appropriate materials. The salt in the air makes the type of nail you use important as well. This is definitely an Outer Banks home exterior repair that you want done right. Our coastal environment requires special construction techniques and materials.

Outer Banks Siding

Siding on the Outer Banks includes the familiar vinyl, but also includes a variety of other materials. Check with your professional siding vendor to consider the best option for your home.

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