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Outer Banks Home Repair & Maintenance

Outer Banks home repair
Don’t let your attempts at Outer Banks home repair get away from you. Call a professional.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. When you need assistance with your Outer Banks home repair, let our guide help you find the vendors that can get your home fixed right. This is a fairly extensive section, as there are many systems in a home that occasionally need repair or maintenance. This section focuses on the systems inside your home that may require repair or maintenance,

We also have separate sections for exterior repair for your home that you may wish to browse, included painting. (Yes, we know that the inside of your home may need painting too.) Further, we separate the items in your home that we consider either new home construction or remodeling into different sections and there is a separate section for Kitchens & Bath work. If you don’t see what you need here, please review our other Home Services pages to find what you need, or use the search function.

Do It Yourself

If you are ready to take on the challenge of making your own Outer Banks home repair, here are all the hardware stores on the Outer Banks. Most of the folks at these stores are ready with a quick word of advice to make your work easier. YouTube can be a really valuable resource for help. Be aware that some repairs require a license, or you may violate the terms of your insurance policy and invalidate your Homeowners Insurance.

Outer Banks Electricians

Electricity powers our modern society. Electricity can kill you. Most homeowner’s insurance policies require that repairs be done by a licensed electrician. We think that’s a good idea.

Fireplaces & Chimneys

Nothing beats warming by a good old fashioned fire, in a functioning fireplace, that is. Be safe and make sure that your fireplace is in proper order. Chimney fires are very dangerous and smoke damage is difficult to get rid of. Further, a gas fireplace can malfunction and spew soot that is very hard to detect until all your walls have a gray tint. Have your fireplace checked regularly for safety.

Handy Man & Home Maintenance

Not every Outer Banks home repair is difficult or requires specific licensing. It does seem that every repair is usually a lot of work. Call the folks that do these things regularly and know what they are doing. Often, its a lot less of a headache and much cheaper in the long run.

Outer Banks Heating and Air Conditioning
Heat pumps take a beating in our coastal environment.

Heating & Air

HVAC systems are one of the major systems in your home, keeping you both warm and cool. It’s rough when your heating or AC go out and you are either freezing cold or uncomfortably hot. The Outer Banks marine environment can be hard on heat pumps and air handlers.  Be sure to inquire about trusted brands and regular maintenance/service plans.

Outer Banks Locksmith

Locksmith services include opening car doors, and entry into your home when you’ve lost your keys. Additionally, locksmiths replace door locks, change existing locks, make keys and install new locking mechanisms that provide for keyless entry.

Mold Remediation

The dampness of our coastal environment, along with the humidity and occasional flooding, can lead to mold in your home. That’s bad. Mold can be an insidious part of your home that can deeply affect your health. Likewise, it is very difficult to get rid of once it gets a foothold in your home. You need the help of a professional. These folks know the proper way to get rid of (remediate) mold effectively and permanently. Don’t mess around with this dangerous situation.

Pest Control

Let’s face it; the Outer Banks is a big sand hill that sticks out of the ocean, surrounded by water. It’s the perfect environment for many insects and the critters that prey on them (for example, spiders). Insects are a part of life here, but that doesn’t mean you want to share your home with them. Call a professional pest control company, it’s worth it.

Outer Banks Plumbing

Outer Banks Plumbing
Plumbing issues can be tricky, and lots of spilled water leads to all kinds of problems.

The plumbers on the Outer Banks stay busy. Most properties do not have city/town septic, which means that just about every property has its’ own septic field. Many folks want outdoor showers for their homes… not a project I would encourage the average homeowner to attempt. Call a plumber.  Water makes a mess and leads to all kinds of expensive issues when it’s not properly channeled outside of your home.

Sewage & Drain Field

Not the most pleasant of problems to encounter. If your toilets or washing machine start to back up and won’t drain properly, there is probably an issue with your septic tank or septic field. You definitely want to call a professional.

Smoke & Water Damage

If you need these vendors, something bad has happened… these are the folks that can put it right again, properly. The smell of smoke is difficult to get rid of. And once a lot of water has gotten into your home, it can be tough to get things put back right. If you don’t dry out your home properly, you will be looking above at the Mold Remediation vendors. Towels just aren’t going to be good enough… call someone that knows what they’re doing.

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