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Outer Banks Home Service

Outer Banks home service carpet cleaning
Professionally cleaned and restored carpets improve more than the appearance of your home.

So what’s an Outer Banks home service you ask? Basically they are businesses that assist you with things you may need for your home and probably don’t want to do yourself. For instance, carpet cleaning, cleaning/maid services, vent/duct cleaning, home organization services, window treatments, generator services and propane companies. There may be more out there, but that’s the list we have, for now.

Outer Banks Carpet Cleaning

These companies are in the business of restoring your carpets to like new status with stain removal, odor removal, water extraction, or carpet repair. These guys are the professionals. We’ve tried some of the grocery store cleaners… as soon as they dry, the stains come right back, along with a sore back. We suggest you let the pro’s handle it.

Outer Banks Cleaning Services

Outer Banks Home Services Cleaning Service
Professional cleaning service for your home, make your guest’s happy without the chores.

Some would call this a maid service or housekeeping service, but these folks are professional cleaners that make your home like new again. Most cleaning services offer regular contract services on a weekly or monthly basis, but many offer specials for one time clean-ups. Both commercial and residential services are offered.

Generator Service and Installation

If you have ever been here after a storm without power, you will be happy that you planned ahead. Nothing is worse than watching your food spoil in your refrigerator while you try to make pancakes on a grill. These professionals tie your generator into your electrical panel for safe outdoor operation. Make your family feel secure, even when the lights go out.

  • Generators

    Outer Banks home generators
    A home generator will make you happy you thought ahead during the next storm

Outer Banks Home Organization

What a wonderful service: helping you organize and better store your belongings, and encouraging the disposal of the things you probably don’t need. It takes a clever mind to do what they do.

Outer Banks Propane

Propane delivery services bring gas right to your home. There is nothing better than a gas stove; the temperature control for your cooking is awesome. These folks can assist you in gas conversions, and you will never have to worry about cooking when you lose power.

Outer Banks Vent Cleaning

Vent and duct cleaning may not be something that you think about frequently. Consider for a moment what a vent does. A vent moves hot and cold air around your home. Have you seen a cold glass on a warm day? Condensation forms, and the same happens to your duct work. That moisture then becomes a breeding ground for mold. Mold is a serious health hazard. Also you may want to think about your dryer vents too. They tend to collect lint and can become a serious fire hazard. Vent cleaning is an Outer Banks home service that you may wish to seriously consider.

Outer Banks Window Treatments

This includes custom drapes and valances for your home. Control the lighting in your home with custom drapes, and match fabrics and colors with your decor for a look that is all about your taste.

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