Helpful Outer Banks Information

Outer Banks information on churches and places of worship.
Find your most convenient and appropriate Place of Worship

Some Outer Banks information, you might think you don’t need to know… until you NEED to know. Below are links to information on a variety of topics such as Churches, Ferry Schedules, a wide variety of local Rules and Regulations, Medical Services, vendors for Car Repair, Phone Repair and Post Offices. Some of these you may want to review to prevent trouble, others you may need if you get into trouble. Yelp & TripAdvisor links are provided where appropriate, as well as Google map links where helpful.

Outer Banks Churches & Places of Worship

Below are links to our local churches and places of worship, separated by denomination. Church worship schedules are provided, but you may wish to verify by taking a glance at their provided websites to make sure. Google Map links are provided to help you find them.

Outer Banks Ferry Schedules

NC DOT Outer Banks Ferry schedules
Proposed new Passenger Only Hatteras Ocracoke Ferry

There are four local ferry stations serviced by the State of North Carolina: Knotts Island Ferry, Hatteras-Ocracoke Ferry, Ocracoke to Cedar Island Ferry and Ocracoke to Swan Quarter Ferry. New in 2018 is a Passenger-Only Hatteras to Ocracoke Ferry. Information and schedules have yet to be announced, however, there is a link to the NC DOT website here and on each of the pages which will have this information as soon as available.

Outer Banks Rules & Regulations

Here we provide Outer Banks information on a variety of topics that can keep you out of trouble on the Outer Banks. Each local town rules differs slightly so it will be helpful for you to know which town you are staying in. The exception here are the fishing regulations, which are state mandated. There are new permits and regulations for accessing the 4WD area North of Corolla.

Outer Banks Rules & Regulations
Don’t let your dog get a ticket on the beach, it could ruin her reputation.

Medical Services

For any emergency always dial 911. We hope you never need any of the services below while you’re on the Outer Banks, but if you do, here are the links to help you. We only included links for emergency dentistry, as most of our local dentists do not offer emergency services unless you are already a patient.

Car Problems

Other than a medical emergency, there’s not much worse than car problems to put a damper on your day. The links we have included below are not inclusive; we chose the businesses that have the better reputations. This is one area where we were selective in the information we provided. Not a recommendation, but a better reputation.

Mail & Shipping Centers

Do people still use the US Mail? No seriously, those folks do a wonderful job and it’s always cool to send your friends back home a post card to remind them that you are on the Outer Banks and they aren’t. Plus there is a growing trend to ship your souvenirs home rather than trying to pack more things into your car.

Mobile Phone Repair

While getting injured or sick is bad, and car problems can be both inconvenient and expensive, breaking your cell phone on vacation can almost be considered tragic. If this happens to you, give these folks a call and see if they can help you out.

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