Outer Banks Lodging

Outer Banks Lodging
Select your favorite Outer Banks Lodging option and visit the beach!

Usually the first step in planning a vacation is determining what type of Outer Banks lodging is right for you. There are many Outer Banks lodging choices available for your vacation. We have almost 110 hospitality companies in a variety of categories to help you select the right vacation rental for you. There are many things you will want to consider when selecting the Outer Banks lodging that’s right for you.

First, how long do you plan to stay? Until recently, many beach cottage rentals were only available for the week, however many Outer Banks vacation rental companies are now accepting three and five day rentals in vacation homes. How many people are in your group? Are you vacationing with multiple families or just your core group? How much privacy do you want? Do you want daily housekeeping service? Do you want to cook any meals or do you plan to eat out most of your meals? All of these factors play into your choice of Outer Banks Lodging.

Outer Banks Vacation Rentals & Vacation Property Management Companies

There are about eight thousand rental homes under management on the Outer Banks. Obviously, there are a lot of choices. Everything from location, to size to a huge array of available amenities. Your options are very open. A couple of words of advice… read the property descriptions carefully. If there is an amenity that is important to you, make sure that it is listed. Don’t assume it’s there. If you need access to WIFI while on your vacation. Make sure it’s listed. If you have to bring your dog with you on vacation, make sure the property is pet friendly. Read the pet policy. If you cannot climb steps, look for a property with an elevator.

Property management companies do not own the property you rent. They cannot switch you to another home without considerable paperwork as your agreement is technically with the homeowner and it is a real estate transaction, governed by NC Real Estate law. Read the fine print.

Outer Banks Condo & Resort Rentals

There are a number of timeshare resorts on the Outer Banks that offer weekly condo rentals. Renting a condo through one of these resorts provides access to all the amenities on that resort. Indoor and outdoor pools, an indoor waterpark, golf, tennis, planned activities, fitness centers and more are available to choose. This is a nice option for many families. Generally speaking these resorts offer one, two and three bedroom condos. Additionally, there are a number of oceanfront condos that are available for rent. Available amenities differ. There are a few companies that cater to the vacationer that prefers this type of vacation accommodation. Additionally, as each of these condo’s are individually owned, some have selected Vacation Property Management Companies to rent their property. If you are looking for this accommodation style, review both the companies in this list as well as the Vacation Rental companies above.

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The best amenity of all is time you will spend with your family.

Outer Banks Cottage Court Rentals

Back in the 40’s a new style of vacationing accommodations was introduced, the cottage court. This a grouping of small homes that are placed close to one another in a desired location. This gives the vacationer kitchen facilities as well as the benefits of separate bedrooms for privacy. Well there are still a number of these type of accommodations available here on the Outer Banks. Most have been updated with more modern amenities and are generally in premium locations. You might want to give these retro-type vacation accommodations a try. Generally speaking these are more great for smaller family groups or for a larger group, that may want a little more privacy. Also these are typically more budget friendly.

Outer Banks Outer Banks Bed & Breakfasts and Inns

Adult vacationing. Outer Banks B&B’s and Inn’s are actually fairly different styles of vacations. Most B&B’s are fairly similar, where you are renting a room in a more traditional style home. Usually your room has a private bath and locking room, and generally has upscale furnishings and toiletries. Also, guests are usually treated to a gourmet breakfast to start there day. Sometimes this includes a mid afternoon upscale snack as well. Usually there is more direct guest interaction in a B&B situation than with an Innkeeper.

Outer Banks Inns vary slightly from a B&B. Typically, the physical layout of the building is more like a traditional hotel, with separate entrances. An inn may or may not provide a full breakfast. Both styles of vacationing are targeted towards adult couples. Some do not even allow children under the age of 12. If you are traveling with younger children, you should check policies. Both styles of vacationing is generally more upscale.

Outer Banks Hotels & Motels

Outer Banks hotels
Select from over 35 hotels from Corolla to Manteo.

The difference between a hotel and a motel has been blurred recently. It used to be that a Motel provided direct access to the street from the room, but a hotel provided access to an interior hallway. It seems that the names have become more interchangeable. If you see the word “Suites” that generally refers to a bedroom with a separate door from the living area and a Murphy Bed or sleep sofa. There are a wide variety of budget options available from the selection of Outer Banks Hotels and Motels from upscale to budget conscious. The differences generally speaking are determined by location and available room and property amenities. Check closely to get what you want, read reviews and do your homework to select the room that’s right for you and your family.

Outer Banks Camping

Camping on the Outer Banks is definitely more defined by a camper or RV than a tent site and “roughing” it. There are only a handful of camping locations here on the northern part of the Outer Banks. There are no campsites north of Kitty Hawk, and the available campgrounds cater to the RV crowd. Amenities are provided at most, with pools, and cable, power and water hookups available. Read the fine print to make sure the site meets your needs.

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