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Outer Banks Real Estate

Outer Banks Real Estate Agent
A great Real Estate Sales Agent can make your purchase easier.

Buying or selling Outer Banks Real Estate can be a daunting task. There are many steps to complete before you are ready to put your feet up and relax. Factor in our coastal environment and frequent out-of-town ownership and you begin to see the potential complexities. We have put together a guide to locate the various business types that will be involved in any Outer Banks Real Estate transaction. We have included a relocation guide to help you get settled once you have taken possession. Additionally, we have included information for both year round and vacation property management companies, in case you are treating your home as more of an investment, versus a residence. Please note that we are not licensed Real Estate Agents, and the information we provide is designed to help, not replace the advise of a licensed agent.

Real Estate Sales

We recommend that one of the first steps you need to take is the engagement of an Outer Banks Real Estate Agent. Buying or selling, a great agent will assist you with finding or selling your property. But even more importantly, they will know the right vendors to work with to facilitate the transaction. A great Real Estate agent, knows the area, knows the rental industry, knows the neighborhoods and will guide you to the right property or buyer. Review our selective list of great real estate agencies and agents.

Home Inspections for your Outer Banks Real Estate
A good home inspection can find problems before you purchase your Outer Banks Real Estate.

Outer Banks Closing Vendors

The list of businesses that you will need to utilize for a successful real estate transaction is fairly long. Again, a great Real Estate Sales Agent will guide you and generally has a team of vendors they will recommend to you. However it never hurts to do your own research to make sure that you are working with the people you feel comfortable with.  Our vendors include: Real Estate Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Attorneys, Insurance Providers, Mortgage Lenders, Surveyors and Title companies. It’s a long list, but each aspect of the transaction is covered here.

Outer Banks Relocation Services

Once you’ve closed on your piece of Outer Banks Real Estate, there are a number of services that you might find helpful. Let our guide to relocation services help you find the vendors you need. We have gathered all of the contacts for the various utilities.  There are  links to power, cable, phone, internet, natural gas & water information. We have storage facilities and moving companies to assist you with your belongings too.

Outer Banks Trash & Recycling Services

Outer Banks Trash Collection
Curbside trash and recycling pickup is a big convenience.

Curbside trash pickup and curbside recycling pickup are handled by a number of different entities including County, town and private enterprises. Each town has its’ own schedules, rules and requirements. Bulk item pickups are generally done twice a year, in the spring and fall. Bulk item drop offs are available at various locations, and the use of these is generally regulated by permit. We have done our best to explain and provide links to the various entities so that you can determine how to handle your refuse.

Outer Banks Water Services

Water service is much simpler than trash & recycling. Dare county handles water service distribution for everywhere in the county except Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head. Corolla water services is managed by Currituck county. We have provided links and phone numbers at the link below.

Outer Banks Property Management Services

Outer Banks Vacation Rentals
Renting your property can maximize your investment, while leaving you time to use your property in the off season.

If you are buying Real Estate for investment purposes you have a couple of options to consider. If your home is in the right location with the right amenities, you may wish to rent your home weekly to vacationers. Our list of Outer Banks vacation property management companies is quite extensive. Another option many consider is a year round tenant. These management companies take the headache out of finding tenants, rent collection and repairs.

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