Outer Banks Relocation

Outer Banks Relocation Services Moving
Moving is a lot of work. Use our guide to find folks to help you out.

Our guide to Outer Banks relocation services features the businesses that can help you get from where you are, to here. Let’s face it, moving is a lot of work. These vendors can make that transition easier. Additionally, we have added several categories of information which will make your transition more smooth. For instance, the contact numbers to get your power turned on, arrange cable, phone and internet services. Contact information for getting your water turned on and more. We hope your Outer Banks relocation goes smoothly.

Outer Banks Long Term Rental Companies

Housing on the Outer Banks can be challenging to find. You may need temporary housing for a variety of reasons in your transition to the Outer Banks. Maybe you want to know the area better before you commit to buying a house. Perhaps your house is under construction and won’t be completed for a few months. There are all kinds of reasons you may need transitional housing in your Outer Banks relocation journey. Whatever the reason, we have a guide to help you find your new home, however temporary.

Outer Banks Moving Services

Moving is a young mans game. Packing is brutal enough, but picking up couches and dressers and appliances is back breaking work. Additionally, loading a truck is an art. Getting all of your possessions into a truck and stacked so that your belongings don’t turn into puzzle pieces is tricky. Let these professionals assist you with this time consuming and difficult task.

Outer Banks Relocation Services Storage Facilities
Find storage facilities to place your excess items while you get settled.

Outer Banks Storage Facilities

Sometimes you have to move into a smaller home than your current residence. Sometimes the home you are moving into, just isn’t ready when you have to leave the one your in. When this happens you may need a place to store some of your belongings. These companies offer just that. Some even offer climate controlled storage units to ensure the Carolina climate doesn’t damage your things.

Outer Banks Utilities & Water Services

It’s a good idea to get your utilities turned on as soon as you take possession of your property. Moving into a home without electricity limits your working time to daylight hours. Not to mention the ability to use the bathroom during your move will be a convenience to appreciate. With the exception of Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, all water services are provided by the Currituck and Dare Counties. Below are links to both County sites as well as the mentioned municipalities. Here are the links to the folks that will get your home feeling like normal as soon as possible.

Outer Banks Relocaton utility hookup
Check out our Guide to Utility Services, including phone, cable, power & more

Outer Banks Trash Pick Up & Recycling Services

Curbside trash removal is available everywhere on the Outer Banks with the exception of the Martin’s Point community. Schedules for pickup vary by town and community. Curbside recycling information is provided as well as the location to recycling collection centers. Generally speaking there are two bulk pickup trash collection time periods in each community. Town and community schedules vary so there are links to help you determine when this service is available to you.




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