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Outer Banks Yard Maintenance & Outdoor Services

Outer Banks pools and spas
Adding a pool to your home can add weeks to your rental calendar

Outer Banks yards are a bit more complex than the typical inland property. The land elevations are right at sea level, which makes pool installation more challenging. Grass is harder to grow and maintain. The natural salt in the air from the ocean limits the types of plants that will thrive. Some properties need bulk heading to prevent flooding and keep sand in its place. Homes are built on “stilts”; we call them pilings. Sand shifts under concrete that leads to cracks and buckling. The Outer Banks is different. Our guide to Outer Banks Yard Maintenance and Outdoor Services will help you find the right companies to help you enjoy your property more.

Outer Banks Concrete

Many people want to keep the Outer Banks as close to its natural state as possible. Having said that, there are times when the permanence of concrete is desired. Driveways, pool decks, kitchen counter tops, these are all areas where you may wish for the stability of concrete. A couple of things for you to consider: coloring and textures for concrete have come a long way recently. Also ask about porous concrete that allows rainwater to drain better for a variety of purposes.

Outer Banks Fences

They say fences that make good neighbors and its true here on the Outer Banks too. Sunbathing privacy is nice to have. Likewise, fences can keep some of the less desirable vegetation from encroaching on your property as well (sand spurs, cactus). Fences are required for pools to ensure public safety. These vendors can assist you with a variety of options.

Outer Banks Landscaping & Irrigation

Outer Banks Yard Maintenance and Landscaping
Take your home to the next level with professional landscaping and lawn services

The natural salt in the air from the ocean breezes makes landscaping on the Outer Banks better left to the professionals. Some plants simply are not salt tolerant. Additionally, there are no natural predators for our significant deer population, so plants that are deer resistant are preferable. Deer are ravenous. Speak with our Outer Banks landscapers about the issues and listen to their advice.

Outer Banks Lawn Services

You may find that growing grass on the Outer Banks can be a challenge. Once you succeed, you will realize that you have to keep it mowed. Give these folks a call to keep your Outer Banks yard maintenance chores to a minimum, looking good and properly fertilized. Many do minor landscaping as well.

Marine Construction & Bulkheads

Low elevations and proximity to water require special construction techniques. Setting pilings for your home to get it off the ground and minimize flooding risks is one of the major reasons to call these vendors. Building bulkheads on the Sound to prevent erosion as well as landscaping bulkheads to minimize sand migration are additional services offered. Additionally, installing boat lifts and docks are frequent jobs for Marine Construction companies. Be sure to ask about CAMA permitting for any construction near the natural water line and listen to their advice.

Garden Centers & Nurseries

Not all plants love the beach. In fact there are many familiar species that simply cannot tolerate the natural salty environment. Additionally, our beach has a large deer population as there are no natural predators to control the population. Ask for deer and salt tolerant plants that can withstand the Outer Banks environment.

Outer Banks Pools & Spas

With a whole ocean located nearby, you wouldn’t think pools would be popular on the beach. You would be wrong. Pools are a huge rental amenity that many guests have at the top of their check list. Hot tubs and spas come in a close second for many. Our guide provides both companies that install pools and spas, and that can also help you maintain them. A cleaning service will cut down dramatically on your yard chores. Further, if you rent your home, your guests demand a clean pool or spa.

Sand Removal Services

If you have been on the Outer Banks for more than a few hours, you start to realize how the wind blows here. The Wright Brothers loved it! The wind moves things, like sand. Every now and then you may need to get sand removed from places, like your driveway. Sand is a lot heavier than snow. Call a professional

Outer Banks Tree Service

Outer Banks yard maintenance and tree service
Watching adult men climb trees can be amazing to watch

Certain areas of the Outer Banks are actually quite wooded. Southern Shores, and other areas along the sound, are native to a number of beautiful trees. Sometimes these trees can endanger your home because of the strong storms we have. When you have these issues, these are the people to call. If you have never watched a tree service work, we recommend it. It’s fascinating to watch the line rigging they do, and the shear strength of wielding a chainsaw with one hand while perched high above the ground.

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